RYTEBOX is a global music rights and royalty management platform built for the future.

Our enterprise cloud-based solution enables music companies to respond to the demands of copyright owners: quick payments, high transparency, better accountability, and more control.

Our frictionless system increases accuracy and efficiency through a contract-driven, one-stop shop for rights and royalty processing, eliminating the headaches and problems caused by siloed and duplicated data.

RYTEBOX provides deep insights on royalty analytics with immediate visibility to royalty pipelines, contract- and asset-based financial analysis, and the ability to slice-and-dice based on territory and other sales metadata to fully understand the performance of your catalog.

It’s fast, secure, built to scale, and available 24/7, developed on best-of-breed technologies to handle the industry’s ever-growing data volumes. Eliminate waiting – get more done… from anywhere.

Move away from outdated practices and unsustainable systems.

RYTEBOX makes music administration simple through its core modules:

Start Managing Contracts More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover the way to high transparency and better accountability.

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