Catalog Delivery

RYTEBOX streamlines global catalog delivery to your partners, including Societies, DSPs and other 3rd parties, using the formats they require (e.g., CWR, Catalog Shipment, DDEX’s MWN and ERN, CAF), or without file transfers when you’re both members of The RYTEBOX Network.

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Asset Delivery

Automatically generate or easily custom build delivery batches on demand.

Manage writer & publisher agreement numbers – included in CWR files where applicable.

Support for multiple CWR Submitters profiles within your catalog.

Keep track of what assets got delivered to who, and when.

Conforms to the latest industry standards.


Process CWR Acknowledgement (ACK) files.

Automatically update ISRCs, ISWCs, and 3rd party IDs.

Delivery Dashboard

Details, Your Way

Monitor high-level and detailed status reporting by batch, recipient and asset/collection of assets.

Stay in the Know

Be informed of what you need to follow up on, what still needs to be delivered (and where), and insight into any conflicts that need to be addressed.

Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover a better way to meet the demands of artists and creators.

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