Revenue & Royalties Suite

RYTEBOX Revenue & Royalty Processing seamlessly handles large volumes of revenue from global sources with multi-currency support. Generate statements, calculate royalty payments due to copyright owners and other royalty participants, and gain auditable traceability.

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Revenue Management

More Revenue, Less Time

Comprehensive revenue management tools including sophisticated matching technology & error resolution enable you to process more with less effort and in less time.

Identify Missing Revenue

Built-in intelligence to help identify and track down potential areas of missing revenue.

Universal Revenue Ingestion

Easily import any receipt format from anywhere.


Real-time updates on completed tasks without the need to wait around. Effortlessly manage your revenue & royalties workflow with custom reminders, ensuring important events are never overlooked.
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Royalty Engine

Instantaneous Period Close

Close your royalty periods instantly – no more waiting for processing or statement availability.

Designed for Industry Evolution

A new approach to collating high volumes of transactions, supported by modern technology, to enable the fastest royalty processing possible.

Accurate Contract-Driven Royalty Calculations

Royalty calculations driven by defined contracts, with support for at source/on receipt and royalty/revenue share calculations.


Detailed, Traceable Royalty Ledger

A royalty ledger that traces a transaction from dollar received to dollar paid out alongside the contractual terms driving the calculation, for complete auditable traceability.

Gain Revenue & Royalties Insights

Utilize royalty ledger tools to meet all of your tracking, accounting, and reporting needs. With the ability to query and export your revenue & royalties in any way you want, RYTEBOX empowers you with full access to your data.

Forecast Earnings, Profitability, and Time to Recoupment

Understand where to invest your energies and maximize ROI.

On-Demand Royalty Statement Reporting

Deliver branded and customized royalty accounting via PDF, CSV and data visualizations to your clients on-demand. Learn more about Creator Portal.

Enterprise Reporting

Complete access to all of your data in a denormalized data warehouse giving you freedom to slice & dice your data to meet all your business needs.
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DDEX, Proprietary, & Direct-From-Affiliate

Receive data in industry standards and customized formats for sales and revenue receipt, plus direct integrations to easily receive revenue from your affiliates via the RYTEBOX Network.

GL and Payment Gateway Integrations

Integrations with finance systems for period close reporting and payment processing.


Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover the way to high transparency and better accountability.

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