Creator Portal

We’re dedicated to making your customer relationships smoother and more transparent. Our customizable & multilingual Creator Portal offers a wide range of features to provide your clients with insights that are easy to understand while streamlining your client communication. If you choose to take advantage of all of the Portal’s features, here’s what you, your clients, and their team can achieve:

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Participants Portal

Your Clients & Their Teams Can:

Access a branded portal for all of their music administration needs.

Obtain data-driven inferences from royalty data visualizations.

Slice and dice their royalty data with comprehensive analytics.

Download branded PDF and CSV statements.

Authorize managers and other parties to access the portal and receive statements.

Grant timely approvals for sync licenses & more.

Request advances.

Deliver masters, compositions, and splits.

Send inquiries to your team.

You Can:

Provide a branded portal to your clients.

Configure which features will be enabled for your portal.

Deliver all of your statements with the click of a button.

Request timely approvals you need for sync licenses & more.

Respond to advance requests.

Receive delivered masters, compositions, and splits.

Receive and respond to client inquiries.

Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover a better way to meet the demands of artists and creators.

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