Catalog Management Suite

The RYTEBOX Catalog Suite integrates three essential modules for comprehensive catalog management. With functionalities covering asset data management, global delivery, and efficient bulk import processes, this suite provides a holistic solution that empowers users to maximize catalog performance with accuracy and efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle.

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Core Catalog Modules

Catalog Management

Capture all of your musical asset data and access a single, global view to an asset’s rights. Easily understand the performance of your catalog thanks to integrations with our Contract Management and Revenue & Royalties modules, and enable accurate rights management via the RYTEBOX Network.
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Catalog Delivery

RYTEBOX streamlines global catalog delivery to your partners, including Societies, DSPs and other 3rd parties, using the formats they require (e.g., CWR, Catalog Shipment, DDEX’s MWN and ERN, CAF), or without file transfers when you’re both members of The RYTEBOX Network.
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Catalog Import

Easily & efficiently create assets in bulk with our Catalog Import tool, designed to import your compositions, recordings, associated contracts and metadata from old systems or for new acquisitions.
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Additional Features


Real-time updates on completed tasks without the need to wait around. Effortlessly manage your revenue & royalties workflow with custom reminders, ensuring important events are never overlooked.
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Enterprise Reporting

Complete access to all of your data in a denormalized data warehouse giving you freedom to slice & dice your data to meet all your business needs.
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Participants Portal

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