Catalog Management

The RYTEBOX Catalog Management module captures all of your musical asset data and provides a single, global view to an asset’s rights. Easily understand the performance of your catalog thanks to integrations with our Contract Management and Revenue & Royalties modules, and enable accurate rights management via the RYTEBOX Network.

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Catalog Management Header

Asset Management

Improve Accuracy with Enhanced Metadata

RYTEBOX supports all industry identifiers, allows you to manage asset readiness, US Copyright status, and save alternate titles for seamless matching. Even store additional documents and media files, directly attached to your asset data.

Maximize Asset Profitability

Review revenue by asset using both predictive modeling and actual profitability. Receive alerts when revenue matched with an asset remains unallocated due to incomplete data.

Gain Catalog Insights

With the ability to query and export your catalog in any way you want, RYTEBOX empowers you with full access to your data.

Rights Management

Understand Global Rights

Capture composition, sound recording, image, video, merchandise, or other asset types, and view them all in one place. Easily license your assets with a single, global view for inquiry of rights, consents, and approvals.

Accurate Asset Rights and Label Copy

Asset rights are derived from the terms in the contract, so everything always falls right into place.

Delivery Commitment and Advance Tracking

Stay up to date on the status of delivery commitments, and the progress of advance recoupment for any contract.

Catalog Dashboard

Track top performing assets and concentration of revenue

Powerful tools provide guidance on where to focus your energies to maximize ROI.

Improve Value of Catalog

More efficiently manage your copyrights, rights periods, and catalog acquisitions with powerful insights. Learn more about Catalog Import.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Reminders

Receive timely notifications of important events related to your catalog.


Improve Accuracy and Save Time

Seamless integrations with a variety of formats supporting CWR, DDEX & Direct-to-Affiliate. Learn more about Catalog Delivery.


Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover the way to high transparency and better accountability.

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