RYTEBOX introduces an all-encompassing solution designed specifically for music distributors, reshaping the landscape of contract & catalog management, revenue, royalties, and beyond. Immerse yourself in a robust platform crafted to elevate your royalties administration, enabling you to excel in the ever-evolving distribution industry.

Diverse Contract Management

  • Effortlessly navigate a diverse array of agreements, from record label deals to direct to artist including artist royalty contracts, joint ventures, and beyond. Capture and manage intricate terms within a single contract, ensuring smooth propagation to catalog rights and royalty payouts.
  • Receive notifications for critical or time-sensitive deal events, keeping you informed of delivery commitments and options.

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Simplified Asset Management

  • Experience simplified catalog management tailored to the needs of music distributors. Automate global rights generation based on your contract terms, allowing you to set up catalogs and recordings once and be done. Effortlessly update contracts to reflect changes, automatically adjusting rights on related catalog assets.
  • Centralize all assets in one platform, from master recordings to releases, compositions, NFTs, audio-visuals, live recordings, promotional videos, television specials, trademarks, visual art, graphics, and name, image & likeness. Continually support emerging intellectual property types with new asset additions.
  • Seamless catalog onboardings are facilitated through RYTEBOX’s Catalog Import tool, featuring data integrity checks and assisted data clean-up for a smooth import process.
  • Submit and track global catalog deliveries via DDEX.

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Catalog Management

Optimized Revenue Processing

  • Revolutionize your revenue and royalty processing with RYTEBOX’s real-time, modern technology-driven solution tailored for music distributors. Seamlessly integrate with industry standards and custom formats for revenue receipts.
  • Harness sophisticated matching tools to process more with less effort and time. Contract-driven royalty calculations guarantee accuracy, supporting rate escalations and various revenue share models.
  • Experience instantaneous period close with royalty ledgers, including analytical tools for comprehensive auditing and income tracking. Foster global connectivity and transparency for streamlined data sharing within your RYTEBOX Network.
  • Integrate with finance systems for period-close reporting and payment processing. Deliver branded PDF/CSV statements on demand.

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Streamlined Client Experience

  • Elevate your client’s experience with a branded, customizable, and multilingual portal designed to meet the specific needs of music distributors. Provide access to statements, royalty analytics, approvals, composition delivery, messaging, and more.
  • Build trust through financial transparency and offer special privileges, such as advance requests, to distinguish your services.
  • Empower clients to authorize their teams (e.g., attorneys, business managers, courtesy copy recipients) for portal access.

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Participants Portal

Comprehensive Licensing Hub

  • Diversify your offering via music licensing services for your record label and artist clients. 
  • Effortlessly create and track licenses covering standard commercial licensing, including mechanical, synchronization, master use, samples, print, podcasts, and blanket licensing, including production music libraries.
  • Maintain control with monitoring tools that seamlessly track license terms, covering duration of use, upfront payments, ongoing royalty obligations, and more. Easily check restrictions and secure approvals through a user-friendly interface.
  • Track mechanical and streaming income via third-party sales reports and income provider data. Utilize cue sheet analysis for detailed usage and performance income tracking.
  • Integrate licensing royalty reporting directly into Distribution Statements.
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Empowered Rights Management

  • Migrate your data to RYTEBOX with our Catalog Import module. Learn More
  • Reporting is provided throughout the platform, including dashboards, advanced search and export features, as well as external reporting with your tool of choice. Learn More
  • Notifications of system task completion and reminders keep your team moving after kicking off processes, and help manage your team’s workflow and important follow ups.
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  • Effectively manage your network of affiliates, trusted third parties, and contact information for labels, artists, payees, licensees, publishers, marketing teams, and more. Learn More
  • Explore music data and obtain answers to rights and royalties questions with RYTEBOT, our AI-driven natural language inquiry tool. Learn More
  • RYTEBOX Support is dedicated to assisting you at every stage, offering customer onboarding, tailored training, and ongoing help. Learn More

Innovative Tech

  • A global and networked cloud-based SaaS solution; always available and scalable with auto-scaling.
  • Designed to handle the industry’s exponential transaction data, both RYTEBOX’s tech and features are built to meet industry demands.
  • Comprehensive security practices, including:
    • Multi-factor authentication with SSO, which can be integrated with your identity management solution;
    • Data encryption at all levels, with granular permission management;
    • Regular penetration and vulnerability testing;
    • Adherence to standard compliance policies.
  • Enterprise Reporting is available either via integration with your data warehouse or data lake, or through custom reports. Learn More
  • API-based architecture with full access to integrate both outbound and inbound; custom integrations available on request.
  • RYTEBOX’s UX and UI designers are passionate about user experience, and have designed a superior platform for ease-of-use and efficiency.
  • The RYTEBOX team prioritizes agility and continuous improvement and uses modern delivery methods. We are committed to hearing your feedback and meeting your needs with regular software updates.
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RYTEBOX provides a secure and efficient end-to-end solution tailored to the unique needs of music distributors, empowering you to navigate the challenges of the music distribution industry with ease. Request a demo today!