Contract Management

RYTEBOX Contract Management is the heart of the platform. RYTEBOX supports all types of music agreements including exclusive writer and artist agreements, co-publishing, administration, licensing and distribution agreements, purchases, and joint ventures.

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Contract Management Header

Contract Entry

Simple and Concise Management of Terms

Capture all terms within the same contract, including master, publishing and ancillary rights via our easy-to-use interface. Easily vary rights and rates by territory, date, or asset.

Easily Track Consents

Capture pre-approved and restricted usages including approvals required for licensing consent.

Schedule Assets

Understand Delivered Assets

Quickly capture the assets delivered at contract signing and tie them to the contractual terms they are governed by.

Improve Accuracy and Save Time

Derive asset rights and royalty payouts directly from contractual terms, improving accuracy and saving time.


Renewal Management and Notifications

Monitor active contracts for upcoming expirations, allowing you track and forecast renewals.

Reduce Manual Memos

Preview all contracts within your company, reducing the need for manual memorandums. The contract data can be exported for additional offline use.

Start Managing Contracts More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover the way to high transparency and better accountability.

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