Contact Management 

Manage contact information for your artists, songwriters, publishers, record labels and other 3rd parties in your network with RYTEBOX’s Contact Management module.

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Contract Management Header

Contact Capture

People, Organizations and Groups

Capture all the people, organizations and groups that are involved in your catalog, including creative contributors to assets, parties to contracts, or recipients of royalty distributions all in one place.

Sophisticated Support for Names and Identifiers

Track multiple identities for a single contact: legal identities, pseudonyms, other aliases, and the IPIs & ISNIs that identify them.

My Network

Increase Efficiency Through Defining Your Network

Define your network of trusted parties, both internal and external to your organization, and RYTEBOX will automatically utilize this network for determining accurate global rights and royalty calculations.

Your Affiliates

You and your global network of affiliates all work in the same cloud based system and will share data you’ve deemed sharable.

Your 3rd Party Relationships

If your 3rd party partners also use RYTEBOX, you can manage the level of access each of your partners has to your data. You no longer need to worry about catalog shipments, emails or clunky file transfers when you are both on the same system.

Immediately Understand Your Relationship to a Party

Quickly access the list of assets and contracts that a person, group or organization has participated in.

Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover a better way to meet the demands of artists and creators.

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