The RYTEBOX Network

RYTEBOX allows you to increase efficiency and accuracy of music rights and royalty information by connecting your network of trusted affiliates seamlessly. By reducing delays and redundant processing, you gain visibility into otherwise disconnected networks.

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Connected Networks

Build Your Network of Trusted Parties

Invite your affiliates, third party partners, and licensees to join your network. Outline the terms of your agreements to start the automation.

Share Rights & Royalties Data

Provide full or partial access to your catalog rights and commercial terms. Get visibility into pipeline royalties. Share royalties due to networked parties.

Reduce Delays and Errors and Increase Visibility and Accuracy

Select the data you want automatically exposed to your trusted network and not exchanged through slow and error prone EDI-based rights distributions, revenue files, and royalty statements. No more Catalog Shipments, emails, or clunky file transfers!

Start Managing Your Rights and Royalties More Efficiently and Accurately

Discover a better way to meet the demands of artists and creators.

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